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From a very young age most girls are taught to spend their lives trying to fit in, please others and follow the path of approval. This has left many women living a kind of deadening half-life and suffering from an epidemic of chronic dissatisfaction.No more. In UNBOUND, Nicola Humber sends an invitation to all women to rise up and become their fullest, freest, most magnificent selves.In these pages you’ll learn the five principles of living unbound and how to integrate them in your everyday life. You’ll discover the challenges that come from being an unbound woman and how to use these challenges as ways to enhance your personal power rather than diminish it. And finally you’ll be given the high potency practices that will support you on the unbound path, as you become the YOU you were always meant to be.Are you ready to be UNBOUND?’The UNBOUND philosophy rings a clear bell calling all women to embrace their full power. The world needs strong, feminine voices more than ever and I’m so grateful Nicola has gathered all her potent wisdom together in this luscious book.’ – Leah Kent, Founder of Sacred Unplanning’As a recovering good girl, I related to so much in UNBOUND. There were times when I felt goose-bumps, moved and challenged to go deeper on my own journey to freedom and an unbound life. Nicola’s writing is raw, honest, true and incredibly thought-provoking.’ – Katherine Baldwin, Author of How to Fall in Love – A 10-Step Journey to the HeartNicola Humber is a leader of and mentor to unbound women. She activates recovering good girls to embrace their so-called imperfections and shake off the tyranny of ‘shoulds’, so they can be their fullest, most magnificent unbound selves.www.nicolahumber.com


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