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Unseen Worlds is a science fiction and fantasy short story collection from writer PJ Reynolds with tales of characters in worlds or circumstances where the challenges, and blessings, of artificial intelligence/AI and robots feature strongly. The flavors of the tales include cyberpunk, dystopian and utopian. Five short stories make up the Collection:Three Letter Word spots an oddball shrink, some days tending to folks fears as jobs go and ways of life vanish in the age of AI. He has become rich, though, from a most insistent client he wants to shake off. But they will see no-one else and know that, sometimes, it can take more money to turn a guys head.Hellfire Bugs Below dives deep to find those in close touch with nature, even below ground, have much knowledge and experience from that immersion to share. One man has a warning for those enthralled and blinded by the lure of technology.Benjamins Ghost finds people become ever more trusting of information and apparent truths, conveniently and constantly delivered their way. But voices welcomed into the home might not be wholly honest, always, especially if the power-hungry put a finger on the scales.Breathless Life wonders about choice and independence when gadgets monitor all, and environments shift underfoot for each generation. Technology can help but will it always satisfy what we need?Have and Hive Not A meeting like few others upon this world is coming. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Sometimes, when you least expect, part of the heavens might come falling to you on Earth. This is a prequel story in the Dirt Ball Raiders universe.


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