Warrensberg Trilogy: Waiting for the Voo (Paperback)


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WAITING FOR THE VOO is the first book in The Warrensberg Trilogy, which includes Escape from Dorkville (Book 2) and The Last Ma-Loo (Book 3). Waiting for the Voo is told in alternating chapters by a 13-year-old boy from Minnesota named Wilkin Delgado and a gray-haired exiled 14-year-old tattooed Missouri girl with serious anger issues by the name of Alice Jane Zelinski. In this SciFi/Fantasy adventure, Wilkin and Alice Jane join forces with an intergalactic, flip-flop wearing plumber named Cardamon Webb to fix a nasty sewage problem that threatens to destroy the universe. Along the way the three–and one or two others–must deal with a spiky monster, a ch-duck, an ancient book, a rat, a pair of ostriches and the mysterious Voo. Wilkin tells us, “I live in Minnesota where we grow icicles in the winter and mosquitos in the summer. Or that’s what people who aren’t from Minnesota think. We actually grow corn and soybeans and even sugar beets, but that’s in the summer. The winter is just cold and not much for growing anything except hope, I suppose.” And Alice Jane? She says, “Strange things are happening in Dorkville. I mean freaky weird. As if living in this godforsaken dead-end infected wart of a town isn’t enough, about a week ago the world went crazy on me.” IndieReader gave Waiting for the Voo five stars and named it one of the “Best Indie Books of 2014.” Kirkus Reviews called it a “clever, engaging story.”


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