What Do You Know About Golden Retrievers? The Unauthorized Trivia Quiz Game Book About Golden Retrievers Facts – eBook


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Question 1:What was the original purpose why Golden Retrievers were bred?Answer:To make them gundogs.Golden Retrievers (left in the picture above) were originally bred to become gundogs. They assisted hunters in retrieving waterfowl like ducks and upland game birds. They were called retrievers because they can retrieve the birds undamaged.(Sample from The First Challenge)Question 13:Which part of a Golden Retrievers body should not be overlooked when cleaning or grooming?Answer:EarsGolden Retrievers are prone to ear infections, which is why their ears must be cleaned and kept dry. Many Golden Retrievers suffer from chronic ear problems including yeast, bacteria and mites. If the dog has ear infection, it is important to treat it immediately to avoid it from worsening as well as becoming a bigger burden and risk for the dog.(Sample from The Fourth Challenge)Question 12:Like other dogs, Golden Retrievers are commonly afraid of the sound of what natural phenomenon?Answer:ThunderGolden Retrievers that are afraid of the sound of thunder may react differently. Some of the reactions common to the fear of thunder includes cowering, hiding, urinating, howling, or attempting to escape. This fear can be corrected by desensitizing the dog of the sound of thunder. The owner can play a taped sound of thunder when it is not raining, a bit low at first so as not to startle the dog. When the dog becomes accustomed to the sound and starts ignoring it, turn the volume up until it becomes tolerant with the sound and does not panic, even at full blast. Other possible ways to treat a Goldens fear of thunder include use of natural treatments, homeopathic remedies, music therapy, hug therapy, and medicines.(Sample from The Bonus Challenge)What do you know about Golden Retrievers?Diddly SQUAT, thats what!I have one quest in mind.To challenge you and break you with the hardest question you will ever face!These questions are NOT for the faint-hearted.So, ONLY buy if you’re not up to the challenge!


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