Where Is London Bridge? a Kid’s Guide to London


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There is so much fun to have when you go to London, so much history filled with excitement! Palaces, kings and queens, scary stories if you want to be scared-absolutely everything awaits you there! There are museums where you can see Egyptian mummies, tours by boat and double-decker bus, Shakespeare’s Old Globe theater recreated just for you, and even a giant ferris wheel called the eye that can give you a few of all of London on a clear day. Photos by John D. Weigand, and poetry by award winning author, Penelope Dyan combine again to create a picture book for the youngest of kids that adults can enjoy and place on coffee tables for others to enjoy as well. Penelope Dyan, a former teacher, puts all her love of kids into Bellissima’s travel guides for kids books as does Photographer John D, Weigand. Dyan’s intent is to educate and to show learning can be fun. Use these books as a stepping stone for discussion with your children and bring history to life for them. Meant to encourage imagination and inquiry, this book will not bore your child, and isn’t that what books for kids are supposed to do? If you have an older version of this book you will see swan at the end saying good bye to a goose, and that goose is you, dear reader; but since some didn’t get the joke, Dyan added a different fun surprise to the end–a phrase that will make you think and ask, “What is a swan’s song?” There is another funny thing at the end of the book, a costume of a queen’s dress and wig at the Old Globe. Now in earlier versions the dress is identified as belonging to a certain queen, but since some readers readers didn’t get that joke either, Dyan has changed that part of the poem to explain it is a dress from the Old Globe that you can see–in other words, the costume never belonged to a queen at all—only in your imagination, which is what the Old Globe is meant to do, entice the imagination. But whatever version of this book you have, the point of any city is the feel of it; and this is what Dyan and Weigand are trying to give you and nothing more.


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