Welcome to The Brand

To some this may seem like a collection of funny phrases, practical wear, or interesting design- however if you were to ask what it means to us these simple little hats, shirts, and outwear mean opportunity. 100% of the profits directly goes to helping fund all our hunting adventures, documenting them, and making our goals a reality! 

Blind Hunter Brand

We take pride in the softest sweatshirts, and high quality clothing! 

Volunteer to be a Mentor! Teach new disabled hunters!

We run in the business of inspiration, and as such we are looking for individuals who love hunting so much that they are eager and willing to help others gain a love and appreciation for hunting.

The blind hunter mentorship program is for everyone! Contact us for More Information!

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The Blind Hunter is affiliated with Cabela’s and works to get you access to the best sales and discounts they offer! Below you can see all our catagories!