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After being shot in the cheek with an arrow Tj was surprised to find himself alive, but blind. Despite the tramua Tj has been determined to keep doing what he loves Tj has continued to bow hunt, and teach others about the importance of safety, family, and having basic survival skills. While Inspiring the disabled communities in his area. He now has the goal of taking his inspiration to others by going on “The Hunt of a Lifetime” with some other small projects to help others like himself ethier rediscover, or discover a new hobby! 

“You can do whatever you want to, you just got to do it in a different way!”

Come and see the inspiring and challenging world of Tj or share your own story by sending us your jaw dropping adventure!  We love to hear from everyone! 

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The Blind Hunter is pleased to introduce you to his friend Jimmy Apple from the Podcast “Apple a Day” which also seeks to inspire and uplift those in disabled communities around the globe! Clicking the link below will take you to the Blind Hunter’s most recent interview with this talented individual!

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The Wife’s View Of Turkey Hunting

Mirriam's Turkey Tom, a common species in Idaho's SE regions, Photo taken by Karon Melilo DeVega When I married Tj it didn't take a very keen eye to notice how much of complete opposites we were in the world. He was a hunter, a baseball fan, and the perfect definition...

Duck and Goose Calls The Blind Hunter, Tj Cartwright, demonstrating his favorite calls to use while hunting. Waterfowl Hunting can be tricky business and hunters need the skillful knowledge of how to use their duck and goose...

“The Old Man used to say that the best part of hunting and fishing was the thinking about going and talking about it when you got back.”

- Robert Ruark