The Blind Hunter, Tj Cartwright, demonstrating his favorite calls to use while hunting.

Waterfowl Hunting can be tricky business and hunters need the skillful knowledge of how to use their duck and goose calls to be able to return overloaded with waterfowl game.

How long have calls been around? The first duck calls were simple woodwind instruments that emitted duck-like sounds and these have been discovered in the far east as far back as 1678! However, the first patent for a duck call was awarded to Elam Fisher in 1870. After this David Fuller applied for a goose call patent in 1885. Changing the entire waterfowl game and causing an explosion of marketable duck and geese calls for an entire decade!

Now that we have a bit of knowledge you can use to impress your fellow waterfowlers, you may have noticed that Tj uses three different calls.

The first, His duck call- is no longer being manufactured. But you can get a very similar product called the Mankoff double reed duck call. Though Tj’s is complete plastic- this has both!

The second is the Zink Mallard Drake whistle. This allows Tj to make the whistling calls a little easier, and anybody who knows Tj, also knows that he swears by Zink’s calls.

The last and most expensive call is Tj’s Money Maker goose call, also by Zink. Made of Acrylic and designed to be as loud as possible this call is perfect for attracting Canadian geese!

We hope that you fall in love with these calls as much as Tj has!