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The Wife’s View Of Turkey Hunting

Mirriam's Turkey Tom, a common species in Idaho's SE regions, Photo taken by Karon Melilo DeVega When I married Tj it didn't take a very keen eye to notice how much of complete opposites we were in the world. He was a hunter, a baseball fan, and the perfect definition...

Duck and Goose Calls The Blind Hunter, Tj Cartwright, demonstrating his favorite calls to use while hunting. Waterfowl Hunting can be tricky business and hunters need the skillful knowledge of how to use their duck and goose...


Tj Cartwright

Tj Cartwright


Born and raised in a hunting culture, Tj has always loved the outdoors with family and friends! Tj’s hope for this blog is to simply inspire and encourage the disabled across America to never give up on their dreams and passions due to their limiting circumstances.

Tj is currently married and the father of 4 children; Trey, Zoey, Zuri, and Alexander. He dedicates his life to teaching them hunting safety and useful survival and hunting skills. 

Outside of hunting, Tj is an avid fan of Braves Baseball,  true crime and mystery television shows with his wife. 

Kylie Cartwright

Kylie Cartwright

Contributor/Site Administrator

As a child Kylie was thrilled when summer came, because summer meant camping trips! She hopes to educate and discuss with others her outdoor knowledge while learning from the experiences of others.

Meeting and marrying Tj, “the man of her dreams” in 2018,  Kylie enthusiastically shares with friends, family, and everyone she meets what she calls “The Greatest Love Story”

Kylie enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and authoring fantasy novels. She also works to provide graphic design services to clients nationwide.