I love dogs, have always loved dogs, and now have a reason to get as many dogs as I want- thanks hunting!

But in all my time with loving dogs, I have learned that there are some dogs that are just talented at retrieving and others are just adorable fluff that stare at you when you tell them to fetch.

So, in an order to give some information; that way you can avoid having the difficult realization of why your Greyhound is good at retrieving a tennis ball, but won’t go into the water to save his own life. Here are a few dog breeds that are excellent hunters.

Labrador Retriever

Interesting fact: The most popular dog in America was not bred for waterfowl hunting- it was bred for fishing first! They have a special water-resistant coat that doesn’t get weighed down and it also allows them to keep really warm!

Labs also are amazing swimmers and sprinters, dropping from a sitting position to a 12 MPH run in order to retrieve prey! If you are looking for a hunting companion, the Lab is a great addition to your hunting party!

Golden Retriever

Much like the lab, this family-friendly pup has roots in hunting history, originally being called “Yellow Labs” and started hunting with early waterfowlers in Scotland!

Their loyal personality and high levels of intelligence make them super easy to train!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Want a dual-purpose animal? This pup doubles as a decoy! No joke! This dog lures in ducks with their energetic personality and ever wagging tail to bring in ducks within range. Check out the video below if you doubt me.

A Loyal “little river duck dog” tolling for ducks

Vizsla (Hungarian Pointer)

This ancient breed spans a hunting legacy that goes back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire, around 1867. Quickly recognized for their hunting abilities in the United States the Vizsla became a welcome addition to hunting families.

This dog is great for hunters that live in apartments as they are known for adapting well in city living and apartment conditions! As long as they get an hour worth of activity (like most dogs) these dogs keep their cool in small living spaces!