Buck Gardner Lesser Canada Goose Call


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Cash in on the rising lesser Canada goose populations with the Buck Gardner Lesser Canada Goose Call. This polycarbonate honker call features a gunmetal band that delivers a striking look, while the Quick-Tune™ guts make it easy to take apart and put back together. The Buck Gardner Lesser Canada Goose Call delivers the high-pitched tone that brings those lesser Canada geese in for a closer look. Hand-tuned and tested in Memphis, TN, ensuring quality you can rely on. Double O-ring construction gives you precise air control for exactly the sound you want. Manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.Manufacturer model #: LH-C/BP. Polycarbonate construction with a gunmetal band Quick-Tune guts for easy field cleaning and adjustments High-pitched tone mimics lesser Canada goose vocalizations Hand-tuned for exceptional reliability Double O-ring construction


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