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Early reviews are in, and George Bennett of declares Todays music needs more talent on par with Kristy Hanson and her endlessly engaging Already Gone. Produced by Hanson and her longtime partner/bassist Mike Chiaburu and recorded in Los Angeles by engineer Ryan Freeland (Aimee Mann, Joe Henry), Already Gone features the formidable talents of drummer Jay Bellerose and keyboardist Patrick Warren, who have performed with the likes of Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, and Ani DiFranco, among many others. quot;It was unbelievable to work with Ryan, Jay, and Patrick, because Mike and I admire them and the artists theyve worked with so much. They really shaped the sound, and helped make this the album weve dreamed of making,quot; says Hanson. The carefully crafted album ranges from quirky grooves to heartbreaking ballads, all held together by crystal-clear vocals. Hanson, Chiaburu and Bellerose recorded most of Already Gone live over the course of just five days, and the resulting album retains the organic, immediate feel of a live performance. The lyrics of Already Gone catalogue Hansons travels back and forth across the country, while reflecting the common 20-something struggles to reconcile relationships, career, and a sense of self in an increasingly turbulent world. Hanson says: quot;Ultimately, this album is one long love song from many different angles. The songs, as I wrote them, helped me define what mattered most to me, and I think that anyone can identify with that process.quot; ALBUM DETAILS Produced by Mike Chiaburu & Kristy Hanson Recorded and mixed by Ryan Freeland at Stampede Origin Studios, Los Angeles, CA August 21-25, 2006 Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering Musicians: Jay Bellerose – drums, percussion Mike Chiaburu – bass Ryan Freeland – organ Kristy Hanson – vocals, acoustic guitar Patrick Warren – keyboards BIOGRAPHY: Kristy Hanson Los Angeles-based Kristy Hanson is an unforgettable performer and songwriter, with a sound quot;that would send most modern pop divas out looking for voice lessonsquot; (Recoil Magazine). She received her vocal training at the University of Michigan and honed her performance skills at Ann Arbor bars and coffeehouses. Recently transplanted from Michigan, Kristy has performed at LA venues such as The Knitting Factory, Tangier, and The Derby. Across the country, shes performed at Chicagos Uncommon Ground, the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, and performed in the 2005 Indiegrrl Tour of college towns across the Midwest. She performed at showcases at both the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis and the Rockrgrl Conference in Seattle. She has been featured on several radio shows, including Los Angeles KCSN and best-selling author Mitch Alboms nationally syndicated show out of Detroit.


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