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Patriarch Recordings is pleased to announce Diet Kongs third release, Beautiful Blackout, following their 2008 debut Coma Motor Inn and the 2009 Primadonna + Remixes. Beautiful Blackout is a sultry, ferocious 5-song EP, with the raw and unexpected vigor Diet Kong is known to deliver. On standout track A Forest, the guttural vocals of Keith Gladysz combined with Jenn Penns sensual yet unreserved harmonies, intertwine and capture the essence of the Diet Kong experience. The equally mesmerizing Shoot the Freak, constructed with sub-bass and telecasters, brews an infectious tale of boardwalks and carnival dissonance. Its this magnetic energy that continues to emote from each track, as Diet Kong weaves a collection of daring songs ripe with personal, uncompromising lyrics. About Diet Kong: Singer/guitarist Keith Gladsyz and singer/visualist Jenn Penn left Brooklyn in 2009 for the Catskill Mountains to focus on keeping bees, raising horses, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, farming, and above all, making music. They bought and transformed a winery into a living and recording space, and thus was born Farmlite Studio. Along the way they met Jeff Harrigfeld, drummer and owner of the local record and music shop, and have been playing as a trio ever since. Beautiful Blackout is about their compelling transition from city life to country living. CMJ calls Diet Kong a unique, raw, and unpolished blend of spastic dance rock, and the Deli Magazine cites them as a stirring musical apparition, with Arcade Fire-like appeal.


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