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Young lawyer Portia Porter hails from the North. With only one pair of courtroom-worthy shoes and desperate for work, she sets up a shingle in a small city of Ducklingburg, South Duck, and prepares to wait. Inexplicably, the call comes straight away. Stranger still, the first client who wants to hire her is a multi-millionaire with a case he calls “too complicated” for the local lawyers. Portia and her crack team of two college dropouts nicknamed Hoppy and Raccoon are jubilant: they’ve never met a case “too complicated!” They can already see the money and the fame and the end to their frugal diet of Ramen noodles. It is not until the judge, the Ducklingburg Lawyers’ Bar, and even Portia’s own multi-millionaire client turn against her, that Portia and her team understand the meaning of the case that is “too complicated.” Will Portia’s little firm survive the challenge? With a biting wit, endearing characters, and a story that will leave you reeling, Beaver vs. Beaver is the quintessential legal comedy. For law students, pre-law, young lawyers with a solo practice, and anybody who enjoys laughing at lawyers . . . I mean, legal comedy.


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