Big Joe, The Rainmaker & Nephew Leech (Paperback)


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This business book is written with a flair of entertainment to engage the reader. Besides, who doesn’t like a great story, right?Big Joe is the CEO. He hustled and grind for years before he won his first $10 million-dollar contract. But when he did, Big Joe believed he deserved and was entitled to the privileges of wealth. He loved being able to afford the comforts of life – Big Joe became known in his circle of elite friends as a “high roller.”His golden goose, the Rainmaker, was his right hand, and he knew everything about the business – the customers loved him, and he could walk into any bank and come out with a line of credit. Big Joe was egocentric and kept his foot on the Rainmaker’s neck to continue reaping the rewards of his hard work and good name. Nephew Leech was Big Joe’s snitch and “yes man.” While Big Joe was traveling across the globe enjoying exotic treks, Leech was his eyes and ears to keep him informed about the business. Big Joe’s nephew knew how to manipulate him. Leech game was to take and work as little as possible. Leech spent most of his time lounging, napping and listening to his music. But good fortune is not infinite. One day, Leech sent out a distressed call, “Big Joe, where are you…”your shit is done!”


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