Burma Spice Black Mustard Seed, Whole


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Black mustard seed is a key ingredient in Indian cuisine. It is prized for its aggressive flavor, and, when it is used judiciously, brings an unusual and exciting kick to dishes of all kinds. It is especially welcome in vegetarian and vegan cooking, enhancing other flavors in these dishes while giving them a pleasing dimension of intensity. The flavor of black mustard seeds is a very potent one. They are the most mustardy of the three types of mustard seedswhich also includes yellow and brownand bring the heat to Dijon, gourmet and artisanal mustards. Black mustard seeds are also the most highly valued of the three types of mustard seeds, as they are difficult to harvest and cannot be collected using machinery. Mustard seeds should be toasted or tempered before being used in recipes (except, of course, mustard recipes, where they are typically soaked overnight for best flavor). A light toasting will remove their raw bitterness, and bring out their full flavor potential. Typically black mustard seeds are crushed before being used. If youre exploring Indian cuisine in your own kitchen, one form of spice preparation is called tadka. Tadka is a process of pre-cooking a spice mix with oil in a skillet, pipkin, small saucepan, or a kadai, which is an Indian wok. The mixture is added to the dish as a sauce before serving. Black mustard seeds bring a pungent, nutty flavor and bouquet to the table when cooked. In global cuisine, black mustard seeds may be used in lentil, potato, and roasted vegetable dishes. They match well with more assertively flavored meats like duck, and are used in cream sauces for steak and lamb. Our Black Mustard comes from Rajasthan, India.


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