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CHRISTMAS! – Within the CD, Christmas Across The Miles, Michael James remembers being a child, the thrill of the Christmas holiday and the warmth of being with his family. He has never denied, or lost those memoirs of that child inside, and here he brings out those memories in the first song on this CD called Cookies And Milk. Here he explores the wonderful meaning of being a child anticipating the arrival of the man who will shower him with Christmas gifts and toys. That man, of course, the legendary Santa Claus. While preparing those cookies and milk for Santa, this child would be anticipating seeing that wonderfully kind and loving spirit, dressed in that marvelous red and white suit and carrying that great, big bag of presents over his shoulder. He knew that Santa would also be anticipating eating those wonderfully delicious and crunchy Christmas cookies, and washing them all down with a tall glass of icy cold milk. Next, in Oh, Holy Night, Michael James presents his favorite Christmas carol in a kind of orchestrated waltz. This piece is the definition of Classic Christmas. If you listen with headphones, you may break out in goose bumps, it can get so deep inside your feelings. What follows is the whole reason Michael James put this project together, the title song Across The Miles. During the holiday season, no matter who you are, or where you are, if you are not with your family in person, youre with them in spirit. This spirit travels Across The Miles and no one can stop it, nor would want to. You have your loved ones in your heart especially strong during this time of the year and they have you in their hearts. This power is one of the most amazing and beautiful facets of being human. The next selection is a song of hope, of peace and of love. By combining the song Silent Night, which represents the true meaning of Christmas, with a new song of inspiration, Open Your Heart, we arrive at the global message of the Christmas Across The Miles CD. If the entire world would only follow the lyrical meaning of this song, our world would become an increasingly beautiful place in the Universe. Back to more fun! 12 Days Of Christmas In The 21st Century So, what do you want for Christmas? And then, Jingle Bolero for those who must beat on pots and pans with spoons to a bolero march. Beyond here are a few classic holiday favorites. Little Drummer Boy, Silver Bells, The Christmas Song and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas So, on behalf of yours truly, Michael James, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas with Christmas Across The Miles


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