Danny Doc Dilly and the Dangerous Duck – eBook


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Danny Doc Dilly learns his homeland, the Tropic Kingdom, is in danger of complete collapse. Makers of the greatest chocolate in the world, the kingdom is a land of jolly, friendly souls, who even share the same first name, Danny. It is a place loved by many.But not all. The kingdoms cocoa fleet has been raided so many times that the chocolate-making grinds to a halt, shops close, and people are leaving.King Danny Jack Merriweather calls the finest minds in the kingdom together to make plain the problem. His youngest adviser, Danny Doc Dilly, embraces the challenge and calls upon his friend, the dragoness Hephzibah to assist him in finding out what happened to the cocoa.When Danny Doc and Hephzibah find the cocoa thief it is a revelation so strange and awkward, he dreads to report it as the thief appears to be a giant mechanical duck. And yet nothing in Danny Docs life prepares him for the reality of what happens when he discovers who made the creature. The answer could alter the Tropic Kingdom forever.After that, the only question left to answer iswill they survive?


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