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We are Nneptep…….We are one……. Our story begins in New York in the 1970s. Melody and Kerry Fenster would sit around, making music out of nonsense to their hearts content. Cut to the mid 1990s, where a teenage Kerry would meet and befriend Matthew Pensabene, who had been raising himself on a steady diet of Zappa and duck. The 2 young men would play on the streets of Nyack, NY on a regular basis, much to the pleasure of the denizens and chagrin of the local poultry. Up walks young Melody and sees the minstrels minstrelling and joins right in. Thats when it really began. The birthings of what would become their beloved Otis Steakroll Music. After a few months of playing in and around NYC music and comedy clubs, they started thinking of doing something drastic, just for kicks. This was just prior to September 11th, 2001. After that experience, they decided to get the hell out of New York. After a few months of begging, borrowing and stealing, they had enough stuff to kind of call it real, load up a truck and move out West. Los Angeles! Land of the Sun, Desert by the Ocean. Since then, theyve played at venues all over the City of Angels including 14 Below (Santa Monica), The Derby (Loz Feliz), The Good Hurt (Mar Vista), The Joint (West LA), The Sagebrush Cantina (Culver City), The Masquers Cabaret Theater (West Hollywood) and The Cat Club (Hollywood) to name just a few. Nneptep has also performed at the Comedy Central backstage at the Hudson Theater with famed comic actor Taylor Negron as part of a show pitch for Comedy Central. Also, the band/collective/family known as Nneptep was commissioned by Los Angeles public television station KCET to write a song (Proposition 66) and then shoot a video for the program, California Connected. So far, its been a fun ride……..


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