Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot? : And Other Unsolved Mysteries of Baseball


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Advance Praise for Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot?””Aron has found the Rosetta stone to all of baseball’s enduring mysteries, and he skips it along the pond with utter disregard for the ducks. His fortunate readers will have so much fun they may not even notice that they are becoming, page by page, real experts. Here is surefire water-cooler ammo.””–JOHN THORN, editor of Total Baseball””Paul Aron puts a distant replay on the most famous controversies in baseball history. This is more fun than if he’d been there with a camcorder.””–ALLEN BARRA, author of Clearing the Bases and Brushbacks and Knockdowns””Paul Aron has hit a home run for baseball fans. He dissects the evidence on baseball’s 28 most charming mysteries. The result is a well-written, enjoyable, enlightening tour of the last hundred years of baseball history.””–ANDREW ZIMBALIST, author of Baseball and Billions””Paul Aron’s book on elements of baseball is both wise and fun, illuminating and entertaining.””–ROBERT ADAIR, author of The Physics of Baseball””The essential last word for every fan who loves to debate baseball fact and fiction.””–MICHAEL SHAPIRO, author of The Last Good Season


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