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Genres ebb and flow. Styles that once suited the masses move to the sidelines for a while, and are temporarily replaced by the next new thing or incarnation of what came before. However, there are always people young and old who have cut their teeth and discovered music on those styles that may move out of the mainstream. For those, the desire to remain true to something that speaks to them, or listen to the latest thing through the filter of what they know, nags like the desire for a deep breath when you reach the top of the stairs. They are always looking for something new, but seem to know in their gut what it will sound like when they come upon it. It is for these people, and for this band of guys in particular, that this album is for. It is for TJ, in the constant pursuit of music that he never gets tired of listening to. It is for Shannon, who loves to rediscover a record that he used to listen to over and over until even his parents knew it and kinda liked it. It is for Chad, who sees music with a reverence and utter disregard for one style over another. It is for Justin, who listens and plays with his heart and soul in everything he does. It is for Mike, who still sees the wonder in music despite years of calling it his profession. It is for you, our friends, family, and those who only know us through our music around the world. It is for those who see seek to live their lives Far From OK, and for those who have found themselves Far From OK. Weve literally put years into this album, and we are honored to have you share it with us. Give in to the desire to feel good about music again, or for the first time. Let that little smile crawl across your face. Let the guitar distortion curl your upper lip and nod your head. Let the melody and harmonies give you goose pimples. Let the horns surprise and delight you. Let the groove cause your toe to insist that the rest of the body catch up and start moving. Lets all wish our stereos went to eleven for a while, then lets settle back in and just enjoy. Cheers!


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