Feathers of Fayette: Wild Birds of Lexington, Kentucky (Hardcover)


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Feather’s of Fayette provides even the casual bird lover with an extraordinary collection of close up and action photographs captured with precision and style that only Bob Willcutt’s skillful lens can see. Broken down into three categories he takes into the wilds with Raptors, Waterfowl and Back Yard Birds with beauty and detail like you’ve never seen. You’ll be amazed at the searing speed of the Tree Swallow caught mid-flight, the boldness of a Blue Jay harassing a Red-tailed Hawk for his favorite branch, peer deep into the eyes of the Great Horned Owl, or the loving care of a mother Canadian Goose and her young goslings. From Bald Eagles to hummingbirds these 248 pages of the best printing quality in the world will grace coffee-tables and library shelves alike, thrilling readers of all ages. Regardless of where you call home, this book will generate a new passion and appreciation for our feathered friends around us, guaranteed!


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