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He is making me angrier and angrier. I throw everything I come across; the side lamps, glasses and everything. The room is already a mess. I scream the entire time. He tries by all means to block with his hands and legs. He slips on the floor while trying to duck. I dont miss. Whatever I throw at him, hits him.Why are you behaving like this? His arm and cheek are bleeding.You made me behave like this, so dont ask me,A love story about two very different people from totally dissimilar backgrounds. A chance meeting at university brings their lives crashing together and they fall in love. Their love is tested and challenged continuously but a great love is worth the battle. One of the many challenges in the journey of their love is with family members not approving of the relationship. Will this stop them from fighting for their love? Can they persevere and win in love and life?About Mogaleadi MashamaiteMogaleadi Mashamaite is from the deepest rural areas of Limpopo Province in a village called Ga-Selolo at Ga- Matlala community. She is the second born of Mr and Mrs Kganchi Mashamaite. She studied at local primary and secondary schools at Ga-Selolo and moved to Pretoria to study Agricultural Management at Technikon Pretoria presently known as Tshwane University of Technology. She has a love for writing and tells very interesting and heartwarming fictional stories. She is a writer, a reader, Events coordinator, a runner and a professional Agrarian Reform Specialist. She is also a community charity event organiser. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 she organised successful charity events (a 5 km charity Fun Run) and was able to donate school uniforms to the Ga-Selolo community with the money raised.


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