From Long Gones to Hawkmoth


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Arriving in October of 2000, Paul Curreri quickly became a focal member of Charlottesville, Virginias bustling acoustic music scene (voted Best Local Solo Musician 2001 Cville Weekly). His poetic country blues – at times relaxed, at times exploding – soon set the feet moving of audience after silent audience. WTJUs Aer Stephen referred to Curreri as a ruffled gypsy gutter cowboy … a true life adventure – a bright new voice, and Cville Weekly music columnist, Stephen Barling, called Curreri inventive, powerful, and unpredictable. City Salvage Records, the independent Brooklyn-based label that published Drawings and Other Failures by painter Andy Friedman, proudly released Curreris first studio effort, From Long Gones to Hawkmoth, in June of 2002. Curreris songs and inspired performances have since caught the attention of a wider circle, leading to touring engagements with the likes of Kelly Joe Phelps (who would eventually produce & play on Pauls follow-up, Songs for Devon Sproule), Hot Tuna, John Koerner, David Amram, Corey Harris, Chris Smither, Lucy Kaplansky, John Gorka, John Herald, Jeff Foucault, Jeff Lang, and Geoff Muldaur. Paul Curreri gives what few other songwriters can, writes Matt Dellinger of The New Yorker. It hits you soon and hard that youre hearing something exquisite. * * * * * Also available from Paul: Songs for Devon Sproule (May, 2003) the sophomore effort by Paul Curreri & The Spirit of the Staircase, (December, 2004) * * * * * A FEW QUOTES FROM OTHER FOLKS: Curreri, a young singer-songwriter who blends his impressive facility for blues guitar and piano with an exceptional songwriting ability, brings a renewed eloquence to the medium. – The New Yorker April 16, 2001 issue …Or, pick a night, an evening with rain or mist and a shy moon, and get caught in the current of his clockwork acoustic guitar, get showered by the notes that arc off the strings like sparks. Curreri wrings bent and worried tones and hacks ringing, open-ended chords to punctuate points, or question arguments, or second emotions. Its a more lively conversation — among himself, his guitar, his characters, his listeners — than you get in a roomful of people. – Mike Parisi Music Columnist, The Hook Its not everyday that a musician comes along and with that first note you just know its going to be a treat to listen to. I can honestly say that the music of Paul Curreri not only does that, but it continues to with each song, no matter how many times youve heard it. To classify him is like trying to classify the whole of the United States. He is a melting pot of Dylan, Prine, Simon, and Hurt all topped with Pauls own unique twist. I love this guys stuff. – K. Bartlett Shaw Ashland Coffee and Tea Theres a shitload of people making a living who dont have half the talent Paul Curreri does. No secret doors to walk through- hes just a great writer, a great singer, and a great guitar player- Pauls got every tool imaginable. – Chuck Brodsky Red House Records recording artist Enter Paul Curreri, the local folk scenes favorite new face. Id been hearing a lot of good things about Curreri, and they werent exaggerated. Hes got a great style and delivery – and his songs have a living feel. Hes inventive, powerful, and unpredictable; very uncommon traits in a solo acoustic performer. Definitely keep your ears peeled for him… – Cripsy Duck Cville Weekly music columnist Paul Curreri is as good at what he does as I am


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