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Gad Factory begins by an early morning trip to a fruit processing factory where Edgar E. Weatherholt is expected at orientation before taking a job as a general laborer. Having no transportation of his own, he relies on his niece to get him there. We learn that Edgar is a recent war veteran and that he is working on a project involving algae and that he is hoping to earn enough money to pay off a lean on the family farm that he inherited. Meanwhile, David Hernando is heading to the same factory by a co-op farm bus on a three-hour journey. The bus is involved in an accident with a van and passengers and driver are hindered during the subsequent investigation into the crash. David chats with the medic who looks over his injuries and finally everyone is loaded back onto the bus for the final minutes of their morning journey. Antiope Penuel travels with two security guards who are intent on taking her back home to an industrial trade school called Duck Lake Academy where the students are forced to work in a fruit factory; Antiope, nevertheless, has other plans and enacts a clever plan of escape. As the three protagonists comically battle the elements of modern civilization, nothing short of humanity is at stake.


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