Go Get ‘Em Tiger: Become the Person You Want to Be (Paperback)


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He’s the last living member of the legendary Yogi Bear cartoons. He’s an accomplished actor whose career has spanned nearly 60 years. He’s a motivational speaker who rather than preparing a script, speaks from his heart and believes without a doubt each word spoken. But that’s merely the outer surface of a man who is nothing less than the epitome of the word gentleman.Jimmy Weldon began his colorful life in Dale, Texas in 1923. The youngest of three children, Jimmy had to carve a niche to set himself apart from his two star athlete older brothers. He found his outlet in the entertainment industry, but not without a bit of horror tossed in for good measure. His first taste of the silver screen was at the ripe old age of seven, when he saw his first film on Halloween and was immediately convinced that he’d witnessed murder! While spending his teenage years working as a paper boy, Jimmy was inspired by R. M. John, who strolled through the office one day talking exactly like ‘Donald Duck.’ Little did anyone know just how profound an affect those few moments would be. Jimmy would practice his ‘Donald Duck’ every chance he got, even to the point of making those around him wish he would go away. They changed their minds when Jimmy won a radio contest after singing a rendition of “Three Little Ducks” as none other than ‘Donald.’Throughout the years, Jimmy continued to follow his dream and found his way to Hollywood. In 1990, he put pen to paper and began writing his memoirs, aptly named, Go Get ‘Em Tiger. Proving once again that his respect for others far outweighs his personal life, after jotting down a story about an incident in Algebra class, he picked up the phone to call his teacher just to say thank you and to tell him that he was loved. He shares stories that serve to inspire and empower people, and at the same time provide entertainment and meaning. That’s just Jimmy’s way.His most famous characters are ‘Yakky Doodle’ and ‘Webster Webfoot, ‘ but as wonderful as those two characters are, they’ll never be able to match the character of the man who brought them and so many others to life. His incredible gift for character voices is far more than a talent to show off when appearing at a convention or giving one of his inspiration-filled speeches; it’s a way for Jimmy to share his contagious enthusiasm with people, and more importantly, it’s a chance for others to have a glimpse into the soul of a man whose sole purpose in life is to provide others with the spirit and determination to realize their dreams, just as he has over the course of his lifetime.


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