Go, Goats! – (True Tales of Rescue) by Kama Einhorn (Hardcover)


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Part of a photo-packed series exploring the stories and science behind animal sanctuaries, Go, Goats! delivers an up-close look at what life is like at a farm sanctuary in upstate New York, straight from a goat herself. A nonfiction chapter book for elementary-age readers, it includes full-color photos, graphics, and maps. It’s summertime in upstate New York and the Camp Kindness volunteers have arrived at Catskills Animal Sanctuary. Wise old goat Lucia knows everything about the farm sanctuary and its residents–from the weeping willow tree with the best leaves to nibble on, to which goats are snugglers and which like their space, to the differences between goats and sheep (note: there are many–start with the eyes!). Lucia is a member of what the farm staff calls the Underfoot Family. It’s a group of more than fifty animals–goat, sheep, chickens, ducks, and even a pig–who have free reign of the farm. While the staff works hard to rescue, recover, rehabilitate and release all of the farm animals who come to the sanctuary, not every animal will leave–Lucia is one who will spend the rest of her days in the comfort of the sanctuary, watching babies be born and new friends come and go, and welcoming a new group of campers every summer with a warm heart and a gentle head butt. What is life like at Catskills Animal Sanctuary? Lucia will tell you everything!


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