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God’s Hand identifies the presence of God’s favor in the life of Pastor Napoleon Harris, Sr. From being born at the end of the Great Depression, surviving poverty and encountering death, the hand of God has always been evident in his life. This book takes you on the journey of a little boy chasing ducks to a man chasing the dream of a better life for his family. It also recounts historical events from the Civil Rights Movement and how ordinary, unknown people initiated change for the generations who benefit today.God’s Hand highlights experiences from which many lessons and principles can be gleaned, like understanding how to respond to church hurt and the ultimate call of God on one’s life; how to maintain integrity when encountering people who are determined to destroy you; and how to effectively pastor a church spiritually and financially.Pastor Napoleon Harris, Sr. candidly shares his memoirs authentically in hopes that they will encourage all readers to trust God with their lives and decisions. God’s Hand will cause readers to recognize the Sovereignty of God in their own lives and thus be motivated to continue the path God has designed for them.


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