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Good Clean Fun CD review by Scott Free: Good Clean Fun is a pure queer romp – a celebration of gay life before it was called gay. When lube was duck fat, not silicone based, when sex was had in trailer parks and trucks stops, not through M4M or Manhunt. And to match his version of queer life, his musical direction is a fascinating combination of very traditional musical styles such as bluegrass, gut-bucket blues, and sailor songs. Call it country music, but this is Hank Williams country, not the modern industry-driven forms of today. And the music could not be queerer. Good Old Boys is a knee-slappin tale of guitar-pickin, boot-lickin, pill-poppin, pants-droppin ….well theres more there, but you need to hear it for yourself! With lines like his hands smell just like diesel fuel (Truck Stop), and my wrists are sore from the handcuffs last night (Cruising), this CD has plenty of songs to satisfy your big gay heart. As with the tradition of country music, there are many songs of love and loss. I Want A Buddy talks of the loss of a lover, and a straight man that becomes his substitute. Old Photograph laments the loss of friend who dies from guns and amphetamine. But Queer Cowboy Lament is the saddest of all, a touching tale of loss and regret that closes the CD. Don can go also on the attack, as he does harshly with this Leather Arm Band Song, the target of which is todays gay male community. Its a blistering attack on gay male dress code, dick size obsession, and body image. It includes the line You better be straight-acting, cause Im a dude who only happens to be gay. The artwork Don has compiled for his CD is an amazing collection of vintage photographs – many taken from the early days of photography. Army and navy men carousing, skinny-dipping and taking baths (two to a tub), along with wrestlers, bodybuilders, and a shirtless chain gang fill up the lyric book. This collection could easily be displayed at an art gallery – what a treat to have all of these photographs included in the CD. Yes, the world has always been gay – how refreshing for Don Harvey to remind us of that fact. He spits in the face of tradition with his blatantly queer country music, and yet his genuine craft of storytelling actually keeps that tradition alive. Scott Free.


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