Green Among Gold


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Classic Irish tunes and with new twists. Uniquely Australian. Elements of Jazz, Blues and Contemporary. From heartfelt ballads and to Aussie classics Email: to book the band (updated July 2010) Formed in 1998 was the house band for the world famous Mercantile Hotel until September 2005. With Tim Kendell at the helm. Members include players from famous Aussie Bush Music Legend The Bushwackers (Mark Oats, Clare OMeara) World Music Super group, Fiddlers Festival (Marcus Holden,Garry Steel, Mark Oats, Clare O Meara), Lunatic Bluegrass Irish Finn Mac Cool (Mark Oats again), Australian Jazz Demigogs Galapagos Duck (Garry Steel) CONTACT TIM : PLEASE NOTE ALL CONTACT DETAILS ON ALBUM SLEEVE ARE NOW OUT OF SERVICE When I began doing Irish pub gigs in Sydney I soon realised that the musical stars of the Australian country and folk world were doing the gigs with me. Looking for a name I settled on Gilligans Ireland, mainly due to the fact that I stayed in the Irish world and they flitted in and out every week. Im still working on a hull repair kit….pass the Guinness and coconut cream pie Siobhan! Tim has been singing since the age of seven. The guitar also arrived shortly after. Tim began playing in the southern highlands of NSW in the early eighties with some high school chums at a gig called Open House run by legendary folkie Peter Kearny. This led to stints on the local community radio station. Tims love of acting sent him to Wollongong Uni and the first attempt at a creative arts degree. Eventually opportunity knocked when a friend invited Tim to join a theatre restaurant company in sunny Nowra. This then opened an chance to audition for the world famous Dirty Dicks theatre company and two years on the road performing over 300 shows. Back in the Sydney region Tim began performing in pubs and clubs with duos and trios, learning the rock and roll repertoire from Larry Burns in Todays Date. Then John Spillane, Australias finest whistle player took Tim under the wing and began building the Irish songs. This led to Tim meeting up with Mark Oats, Marcus Holden and Ray Schloeffel. These three outstanding fiddlers began to develop the ear for Irish guitar playing. From here a great sound has developed allowing the band to blend Celtic music with the many influences around it. Tim plays at venues around NSW with what is arguably the hottest lineup of acoustic and electric musos in Australia.


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