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I have found Free Will in rural farm life. I wish that I could have started this lifestyle a lot earlier. I wake up to the scent of fresh vegetables and herbs in my garden. I pick my fresh fruits. I raise my own meat. My dining table is always full of fresh produce. My family only consumes fresh, clean and healthy food. I no longer have anybody to work for than myself and my family. I am entirely responsible for my success or any of my failures.Are you happily employed? Good for you! Are you nearing retirement? You might be interested in building a new life for yourself or your family. Do you like planting in your small garden? Do you love pets? Why not take it to the next level? Answer the call to raise your own clean and healthy food. Build your Farm or Ranch Empire. Raise your livestock and sow your seeds in farming. We all have a farmer or rancher in each of us. We can do it. If theres a will, theres a way!I am retired from my career and now happily employed in my own farm. I work for myself, I make my own schedule, and I manage my own farm. I am the Captain of my Ship and the Master of my Destiny. Join me in a life of Free Will. #free will.My book talks about breaking the chains of our making. Did you know how unfit our food supply is? This book is for future Gentlemen & Lady farmers. I will describe what rural blissful freedom is and how to prepare for our farm or ranch. I believe that land and life should never be idle. We have been given dominion over animals and plants. The book will have an overview on Poultry-Chickens, Ducks, Quails, Turkeys, Guinea Fowls, and Pigeons. I will discuss Cattle, Goats, Rabbits, Vegetables, Herbs and Trees. The land of Milk, Cheese and Honey is plentiful. I will explain how to make and use microbes to benefit our farming life.This is the perfect book for anybody that dreams of having a blissful life in farming.


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