Hey, Mom. Tell Rod… – eBook


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SYNOPSIS:In the city of Seattle, Washington, Rodney and Maggie Smythe receive a message on Rodney’s telephone answering machine from Maggie’s son Danny by a former marriage, saying “Hey, mom, tell Rod I am coming home, see ya’ soon.”. Danny and Rodney, step-son and step-father, have had a strained relationship since Rodney and Maggie were married. The message sends Rodney and Maggie into hours of arguments, wild goose chases, unanswered questions and dead end situations. They call airlines and Amtrak to find him and his family on their passenger lists. Unable to find them they decide to drive to the Amtrak Station to meet a train they think may be the one they are on, only to come up empty handed.While they are off on this wild goose chase, Danny, Angelique and Danny Junior arrive at Rodney and Maggie’s home, park their car in the garage and fall into bed exhausted.Hours later Rodney and Maggie return home exhausted and saddened having not found them at the train station.On his way to bed Rodney stumbles over the luggage left by Danny in the hallway. They hear a baby crying and decide to bring the “hungry” Danny Junior into the study for a visit. Minutes later Angelique screams from the bedroom.Why has Danny left a lucrative position in a large law firm in Los Angeles to return to university?


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