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Weve all seen the movies and the TV series U.S. Marines, Navy SEALs, CIA, Homeland Security; Delta Force; the list goes on. The common theme here is that they are all American. Thats not a bad thing, but now theres also an Australian Version. HOME SOIL is the first in an upcoming series of books. The characters display a unique sense of humour and dry wit. These aspects, combined with professionalism, tight mateship and ferocious loyalty, help make parts of the story sad, funny, and very serious…sometimes all at once. At almost each stage of the book there is one constant featureaction. Readers will frequently ask themselves whats going to happen next? While serving overseas with an elite Australian Special Forces unit, LOGAN BLAKE shouts his father and sister a holiday in Bali. Little does he realise that his last two remaining relatives are about to become victims of a devastating terrorist attack. With one member of his five man patrol nursing a wound in hospital, BLAKE and the other three return to Australia. LOGANS mates refuse to leave his side as he buries his loved ones. The four soldiers are then sent on leave and, due to mixed family circumstances, decide to embark on a tropical holiday together. As they try to enjoy some beer drinking, gambling and other social activities, trouble manages to find them. A fist here, an elbow there, and a couple of knees thrown in, soon sorts that out. A phone call from their Commanding Officer brings the party to an abrupt halt. It has been discovered that senior members of the terrorist organisation responsible for the Bali attack have made their way to Australia. Intelligence seems to suggest that they are hiding out, with an already established cell, not far from where the soldiers have been holidaying. As procrastinating politicians duck for cover and try to pass the blame, BLAKE and his men are tasked with covertly investigating the situation. The investigation soon becomes a man hunt as well as a race against time. Plans for a catastrophic attack on Australian soil have been discovered. But how, when and where remains a mystery. A select few ASIO officers and Federal Police agents are called upon to provide assistance, as one drama after another begins to unfold. LOGAN BLAKE has his mental strength and self-discipline tested to the limit, as certain aspects of the extremist leaders past are revealed. Thousands of lives are at stake and some very important choices need to be made; one wrong decision could spell disaster The clock is ticking.


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