Imogen’s Quest (Paperback)


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Set on a world settled by Humans in the future, who glorify a romanticised version of the past, Imogen’s Quest is based the classic Brothers Grimm folktale The Goose Girl. After being trapped in a hyperspace anomaly for a hundred years, Princess Louise-Imogen’s homecoming is no fairytale. Things have changed on the planet Anseris. The invader who once besieged it has vanished from history and the old Royal dynasty has been deposed. Fellow traveller Anita now believes herself to be the daughter of royalty. This leaves the real princess reduced to being Imogen, one of many royal servants. Anita’s body has been hijacked by the high-tech ghost of Queen Kathyren, the so-called Immortal Empress, who used forbidden technology to cheat death when she was overthrown. Imogen must rescue her friend, regain her birthright and prevent the mad woman, who nearly destroyed, Anseris from holding power again.


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