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Has God ever given you the runaround? Taken you on a wild goose chase? Said no to your prayers when you thought He should have said yes? Or maybe said yes when you wanted Him to say no?Bevan Charlene McKenna has experienced plenty of divine detoursthose times when you cant quite trace Gods direction, when there is no searching of his understanding (Isa. 40:28, KJV). But Bevan has found that God always has a plan, and sometimes He even lets you in on it. Whats more, when you finally figure out what Hes up to, you often discover that He has a sense of humor!Drawing from her growing-up years on the island of Trinidad, her career as a teacher, and the experiences of those close to her, Bevan shares times when God brought joyful outcomes in surprising ways. Youll meet a forty-seven-year-old woman who finds herself pregnant; a university student with a family to support and a dwindling bank account; a recent graduate whose phone line goes dead while shes waiting for that all-important call about a job offer.In these moments and many others, youll see how God showed Himself strong in ordinary peoples lives, giving them abundant reasons to Insert Praise Here! Bevans encouraging stories will inspire you to praise the Lord, even when you face perplexing circumstances.


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