It’s Rainin Outside the Cave (CD)


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I started out with In The Garden and Dancin On The Water. Love songs. Simple and Transcendent. Yet, while you can love when youre broke, tired, and working 24 by 7, you cant love well. It could be sunny and warm, but youve got Cloudy Skies. Then came September 11. The world we knew is Gone Now Forever. We invaded Iraq: The War of the Wild Goose. We forgot that We Had The Will, We Found The Way. This asks How did we get from the New Deal and the space program to Katrina and Iraq? And Where do we go from here? Dig: The Choice. The collection includes Sunbathing In Siberia, upbeat yet sardonic; Stephen Colbert in a tux dancing with Sarah Palin. 350 Parts Of Carbon – a Gun, a Murder, and the Quest for Vengeance. Thats Global Warming! And the classic We Shall Not Be Moved updated with new lyrics for the sustainability movement. Here are the details – but why read when you can listen? Buy a copy – or buy two and give one to a friend. Give one to a conservative, and watch his head explode. Sunbathing in Siberia, upbeat, yet sardonic, is a tongue-in-cheek look at Global Warming – Stephen Colbert in a tux dancing with Sarah Palin. Im sunbathing in Siberia. Surfing the waves of the Bering Sea. Sunbathing in Siberia, Scuba diving where New Orleans used to be. In The Garden, and Dancin On The Water, are hippie love songs, pure mind candy. Think Leonard Cohen, Jorma Kaukonen or Stevie Wonder. These are guaranteed to take you to the beaches of the Jersey Shore, the Florida Keys, the mountains of Vermont, Quebec, or Colorado, the Laurentians, the Sierra, the Rockies. Cloudy Skies tells the story of a man who looks up but wont give up. Who to the road in an 18 wheeler, or a plug-in biodiesel hybrid he built in his garage. Hes not following John Muir or Jack Kerouac, hes making his own way. Its the search for God and truck stops, for truth despite the faithless ex, the cursing mother-in-law, and redemption in the arms of a woman who is both beautiful and faithful. John Redmond, formerly of Red Sky Nights, calls it quot;Folk Punk.quot; Born in New York City, currently living in New Jersey, Furman spent two years working in the World Trade Center. This personal connection to the city and the Trade Center comes through in Gone Now Forever, which tells a story of one familys loss on Sept 11. The War Of The Wild Goose, harkens back to Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, and Country Joe MacDonald singing about Viet Nam. quot;350 Parts of Carbonquot;, tells the story of a girl, her murder, and her mans search for vengeance. Its what youd expect in a song about global warming. We Shall Not Be Moved, completes the Global Warming set. I can almost hear Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Mavis Staples singing in front of 50,000 on the mall in Washington. We Had the Will, We Found the Way, asks How did we go from Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and JFK to Bush, Cheney and Rove? How did we go from the New Deal and the Apollo missions to Katrina and Iraq? and What are we gonna do tomorrow? Completing the collection, The Choice in 30 Seconds artfully presents The Choice in 30 Seconds. All songs copyright (c) 2008, Larry Furman, except quot;We Shall Not Be Movedquot; which adds new lyrics, Copyright (c) 2008 to the traditional melody. All rights reserved. Contact Larry Furman, tel: 732-580-0024. E-Mail:


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