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Stop! Look! And Listen! Just click on the first song Lonely and youll be hooked. Here is the music youve been searching for with beautiful voices, harmony, and as good a bunch of country music pickers as Nashville can produce. All the guys in Krazy 4 Kuntry have worked with or for some of the most famous names in country music. Playing songs written by Jerry Haire and Jerry Mosley they have created a sound that will delight country music lovers world wide. The song Lonely was written about Jerry Mosleys wife of 36 years (Judy) who died in 2003. It may be that saddest most beautiful song you will ever hear. If you or a friend have ever lost a loved one, then this song will put into words the feelings and emotions most folks just cannot express. The other songs have been described as Alabama meets Don Rich and Buck Owens. Great two steppin songs that youll be singin to yourself for a long, long time. Jerry Haire began his music career at the tender age of 12, and took to pickin a guitar like a duck headed for water. He delighted audiences in and around Nashville with his great voice, and ability to play everything from PINK FLOYD to George Jones. Also becoming a great drummer and bass player his wide range of musical abilities led him to his true love as one of the best audio/sound engineers in Nashville. Jerry Haire can do it all. The guys in the band tease him and say, he can hear a bird singin out of tune from a mile away. Jerry truly has a great ear for music. Jerry mosley began pickin a guitar at age 9 while living in Pismo Beach, California. At age 13 he began playing and singing with the local bands. He spent his teenage years singing for a California R&B group called The Biscaynes. Working all of Central and Southern California with the popular group allowed him to hone his musical skills. His move to Oklahoma in 1965 introduced him to his true love for country music. After playing the KOMA radio Rock-N-Roll band circuit with Jay Walker & The Pedestrains for several years he met the country guru Smiley Weaver. Smiley has mentored many famous Oklahoma country entertainers, and took Jerry under his wing. He taught Jerry how to pick country music and most of all how to write a country song. When Jerry Haire and Jerry Mosley met in Nashville the chemistry was magic, and the song writing results displayed here are the results of that meeting. If you are a true lover of country music then you are truly gonna love these songs. Krazy 4 Kuntry. Remember that name. Youre gonna be hearing it for a long time.


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