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Magic and mischief are here! A collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories featuring dragons, aliens, humor, and a few characters with magic who just can’t stay out of trouble if their life depends on it.Includes the following short stories:”Valentine’s Oops”When Donovan finds out his best friend’s little sister wants to cast a love potion on him, he knows he has to escape a fate worse than death.”To Catch a Leprechaun”It’s really tough to catch a leprechaun. Especially when sisters get in the way.”The Goose That Laid Golden Easter Eggs”The family has a magical new goose. One that quacks and clucks and moos and lays golden eggs. So what happens when Junior feeds it his sister’s watch?”Little House in the Crater”When the author’s grandma told her to write something more like Little House on the Prairie . . . this . . . probably wasn’t what she had in mind.”Mirror Image”Maria’s mirror image just decided to visit her. Which might be a little more dangerous than either of them expected.”The Reason Why My Paper is Late”It was all because of the alien abduction. Honest!”Glass Beads”If the aliens can get the humans into a bad negotiating position, they’ll have it made.”The Silent Princess”Princess Selenna’s deaf. How was she supposed to know she was making a deal with a frog when she dropped her golden ball in the moat?”The Body-Borrower”The puppy will not stop borrowing Tasha’s body while she’s astral projecting!”Unexpected Lastborn”Annie will never forget the day her mother snubbed the witch.Includes the following funny drabbles (100 word short stories):”Computer Gremlins””The Dark Lord’s Genie””The Day of Shoulder Angels””Miss Galaxy””Way Too Familiar””Standardized Testing””Dragon Bait””Easy Target””The Librarian is In””Old-Fashioned””Proof””Ogre””Zombies””Identical Twits””The Hunt””Imaginary Fiend””Karmic Balance””The Open Source Time-Travel App”And the following poems:”The Toddler’s Lament” (both in poem form and in an illustrated version called “I Do Not Want to Take a Nap”)”Knock Three Times””Pixie Eggs””One Midsummer’s Night””The Kraken”Laugh your way through these short stories and share your favorites with family.


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