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Magick for Beginners: Introduction to Magick is a manual for those who want to learn the basics of magick. Learn about the important magical theories and foundational practices. If you want a beginner course in magick, then this manual is definitely for you. Even if you consider yourself to be an advanced practitioner, this would serve as an excellent review material; and, who knows, you might also learn something new.Magick for Beginners: Introduction to Magick is divided into 2 parts:Part I discusses important magical theories and notable information about the practice of true magick. Before you engage in the actual magical work, it is important that you first gain the right foundational knowledge; otherwise, you might end up applying the techniques blindly. Remember: Knowledge is power.Part II reveals clear-cut instructions on how to do different basic magical practices and techniques, such as cleansing, grounding, and shielding, among others.For many years, countless of people want to know the way to the true practice of the Craft but they simply do not know how to begin. It is for this reason that this manual has been written, so that anyone who has a true passion and sincerity to learn the science and art of the wise may have a chance to walk the truth sacred path and unveil the wonderful mystery.May this magical manual be your guiding light and lead you to the true path of magical practice and initiation. Indeed, you shall find the key to power in these pages. Use it wisely and only for good.Blessed be!


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