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This book includes includes Spaghetti Junction, Cuyahoga Blues, Dublin Murder Mystery, and Spanish Poodle – the first four volumes of the Napoleon Clancy black comedy, hardboiled crime fiction books with an Irish twist – with nearly 700 pages full of British criminals, Somali pirates, the Russian Mafia, rough bikers from Alabama, Irish chavs, seductive females, a Kenyan billionaire and, as usual, Napoleon ‘Nappy’ Clancy and his sidekick Barry ‘Baz’ Fanning for as much adventure, thrills and danger that they can cope with.It’s two men against a whole world of criminality.They’re Batman and Robin without the masks, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza minus the windmills, Holmes and Watson with not a clue in sight. Meet Napoleon ‘Nappy’ Clancy, ex Birmingham bobbie and Cleveland cop, now a private detective trying to make ends meet, along with his ‘sidekick’, Dubliner Barry Fanning, himself an ex-Guard back in Ireland.SPAGHETTI JUNCTION:After months of inactivity and desperately in need of cash to pay credit card bills and alimony for his two kids in America, Clancy gets a phone call from a beautiful blonde, Clare Jameson, who needs someone to find her missing boyfriend, Roger Diamond, manager of a city centre nightclub. Clancy, naturally, is up for the job. We follow him and the reluctant-to-get-involved Fanning as they enter the Birmingham underworld, full of dangerous people with dangerous intentions, until the trail leads the two private eyes to London and a strip club which holds a dark secret.Will Clancy and Fanning solve the case and raise their reputations as private investigators?CUYAHOGA BLUESAfter earning twenty grand from Clare Jameson, Clancy now has enough money to see his children in Cleveland and take them on a trip to Disney World. When he gets to his ex-wife’s house to pick up his kids, however, he discovers her southern Hell’s Angel biker boyfriend, Billy Bob Taylor, has kidnapped them. By chance, Fanning’s in America, too, visiting his brother in Boston whom he hasn’t seen for years. With Fanning’s help, Clancy embarks on a wild-goose chase against the clock which takes him to Cleveland, Nashville, Alabama, back to Cleveland again, and once more to the Heart of Dixie for a showdown with the bad guys that will literally be ‘out of this world’ to save his kids’ lives.DUBLIN MURDER MYSTERYBack from America, and already there’s trouble on the horizon: Barry’s nephew, Colin, has been murdered in Dublin. With Nappy’s help, the Dublin man’s determined to find the killer(s). A wild-goose chase around the Fair City eventually leads them to the country and Tullamore, Offaly, and a confrontation with a really nasty Culchie gang.Will it turn in to another recipe for disaster, or will Irish eyes be smiling down on our two unlikely heroes yet again?SPANISH POODLEThe boys are back, this time with their most exciting adventure to date! On holiday in Spain, the boys find a poodle dog on the beach with a name tag on it. Thinking it’s the right thing to do, Nappy and Barry bring it back to the dog’s owner, a very rich Kenyan businessman, Mr Kibaki. Grateful for it, he invites them to dinner, where they meet some dodgy Russians. After Barry saves Mr Kibaki from choking to death, the Kenyan invites them to his hometown of Mombasa, Kenya and a yacht trip on the Indian Ocean, where things really start to heat up.


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