No Couch Potatoes


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Mr. Scott The Music Man was born in Neptune,NJ and currently resides in Wall,NJ. Son of a highly accomplished classically trained pianist,vocalist and music teacher, Mr. Scott is also an accomplished pianist/keyboard player and drummer. A proud father of 4 great sons and loving husband to a wonderful wife Mr. Scott has performed in various musical situations since the tender age of 7 years old including a musical tour of Europe as an active duty member of the US Air Force, performing as a keyboard player with the SHOWCASE BAND. Whats so special about Mr. Scott?….Mr. Scott always delivers a uniquely creative and energetic, interactive concert experience for children and their families. His multi-faceted show is guided by his improvisational spirit and features his own brand of zany physical theatrics, coupled with his dynamic original music and comical lyrics. His fans come to concerts wearing tie-dye which is Mr. Scotts signature attire from head to toe, and yes,even his sneakers and socks, too. His audience is on the edge of their seats, or standing up and movin & groovin throughout, in anticipation of his next move. He incorporates varied musical styles and changes the tempo and mood throughout the show. You have to see his show to believe the excitement he creates around him. And, to see how he interacts with the children…with sincere interest, love and appreciation for each of them. Mr. Scott The Music Man performances are best remembered for his: Raw positive energy Ability to engage the audience from the start, Sheer physical acrobatics Intriguing musical creativity Unique wacky sense of humor In the moment, improvisational surprises And, most importantly, EVERYONE IS HAVING A BLAST – INCLUDING MR. SCOTT. His latest effort NO COUCH POTATOES is inspired by the rapidly growing laziness of our human society all around the world. Video gaming and TV watching is not a bad thing in itself, however the endless wasted hours of our kids (and adults) just sitting there vegetating away makes for an unhealthy body and mind. This CD is all about energy presented in a way cool, hip fashion (Grandma is awesome, but this aint your Grannies overplayed childhood favorites). Mr. Scott takes the negativity out of MOTHER GOOSE and presents a positive, yet very offbeat alternative he calls OTHER GOOSE. In addition you get plenty of high energy original compositions, a rearranged cover of a 1951 parody How Much is That Pickle…? and even two beautiful ballads to simmer down to. The disc also features many guest musicians including the current master trumpet player for legenadary band Blood Sweat and Tears…Steve Jankowski and broadway/off broadway singer extroidenaire Deb Lyons. So children and parents…….quot;Hop off that rumpin and lets start some jumpin!!quot;


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