Parry Peters Chronicles: Monster Country: Recruit (Paperback)


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A civilization in ruin, one man just trying to survive, and there are monsters of all types in the desert…Civilization collapsed when a plague of dinosaur-like lizards spread a virus that turned people into zombies. These lizards became known as zampys because of their close relation to the zombies.Parry Peters is smuggling anti-venom when he runs into a nest of zampys. He starts to think he has the situation contained when a mysterious woman almost gets him killed. Everything gets worse when members of a heavily armed gang show up and try to capture the zampys. If you love zombie and monster stories, you’ll love this exciting adventure yarn set in a world that is quite unlike anything ever before set to paper. If you like suspenseful zombie stories that end with a bang, this story is for you. Fans of Jurassic Park, the Walking Dead, and World War Z will enjoy this story. Buy your copy today! Sneak PeekParry Peters ducked down behind the rock when he heard the hiss, careful to keep the muzzle of his DPMS rifle out of the dirt and muttered under his breath. “Can’t the frickin’ Zampys leave one of my routes alone?”It couldn’t have been more than two weeks since he’d last come this way and judging by the chirping sounds he heard responding to the hiss there was already a nest on the other side of the hill. The things bred more like bunny rabbits than lizards.Should he go around the long way or just kill the cursed things?He could avoid the nest, but that would take him several miles and hours out of his way, not to mention that he’d already had to dodge several Weston patrols already today and wanted to be rid of the anti-venom as soon as he could.The thought of the so-called General Weston made Parry’s mouth curl in disgust, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. If there was no longer a United States how could there be a general?The smuggling operation Parry ran had been much easier before Weston had come to the area several years back. Back then, Parry had been more of a courier than a smuggler.Then Weston had to come and put in place his own restrictions on the sale of anti-venom which of course he ensured was always sold for an exorbitant price and only through his approved channels.Parry’s eyes narrowed when a small green lizard-like creature crept out of the bushes just ahead of him and looked at him with unblinking eyes.


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