Playn’ at the Club (DVD)


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The Monongahela Duck Club Band has ignited a fire of excitement around their new sound and style. The fusion of the singing creates a unique treat for the ear. Inspired by the great songs and song writers, the Monongahela Duck Club Band guarantees an enjoyable musical trip for all. The Monongahela Duck Club Band, or M.D.C.B. for years could only be hear at the fabulous Greenbrier Hotel in Southeastern West Virginia. Now the band has recorded some of the most popular songs they have been performing. The DVD would not be complete without original songs from the band. Frank Cappelli, former A&M records international recording artist, is featured on vocals and guitar; he also was the producer and co-executive producer. The recordings were created to recreate the excitement and magic the Monongahela Duck Club Band generates in their live performances. Franks ability to entertain goes back to his teen years. He gained, not only, an amazing reputation as a superb vocalist but as A&M records said at his signing, quot;..When Frank performs, he has the rare ability to make magic, when he sings the audience is under his spell. That is what we look for in an artist.quot; A few years ago Frank was asked, by the Greenbrier to put this band together. This gave Frank the opportunity to call on his old friend Tom Anzalone. Together they create a team that can be compared to Lewis and Martin, Abbott and Costello, and the Smothers Brothers rolled into one. Tom makes his home in Syracuse, New York. Toms incredible lust baritone voice allows for beautiful harmony with Frank. But its Toms warm and endearing humor along with Frank that makes these two so special. Frank added the sound of the accordion played by Joe Lege. Joe has been playing the accordion for over 35 years. His ability to play in any style makes him a rare and valuable musician to any band. Next the band added, quot;…one of the finest violinists the in country..quot; Warren Davidson. Warren was schooled in the classics and he is one of the best. But his talent is the ability to bring you to tears with his beautiful tone as he plays a ballad, yet the next minute you wont be able to sit still has he cranks it up and plays a country fiddle that brings you to your feet and wanting for more. On percussion is the youngest of the lot, Tracy Whorton. This gifted percussionist is an up and coming star. Her style is clean and thoughtful. Her playing style is characterized by tasteful approach to her craft. She gives the band a backbone with soul. The style of the Monongahela Duck Club Band is being called quot;neo-pop folkquot; There sound has been described as quot;…a wild sound, like the tribesmen playing you favorite hits.quot; I would love to hear how you liked the C.D. Please visit our web site


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