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The primary purpose of Prophetic Liturgy is to inquire into the prophetic dimension of the liturgy. Some questions addressed in the book are: How can a liturgy be prophetic? How can liturgy form and transform individuals and communities? In which sense does the liturgy facilitate a living participation in socio-political-economic life? How does the sacramental practice challenge the church to mediate God’s gifts of grace, love, justice, and mercy to the world? Possible answers for these questions begin to emerge as we develop an understanding of religious praxis as an active and dynamic prophetic action, in which the community of faith claims its identity, promotes an engaged faithful Christian life, and affirms the sacramental life of the church as a source of formation and inspiration for prophetic praxis, mediating God’s gift for the life of the world. There is risk in presenting an option for prophetic praxis, in that it may go beyond the comfort zone of a community and engender spiritual and political alienation. The most challenging ethical hope of this book is to provide the worshiping community with prophetic awareness of socio-economic injustice, while at the same time preserving the community’s historical-cultural identity, its religious values, and its sacramental spirituality. “”In this fascinating study, influenced by the work of Abraham Joshua Heschel, Tercio B. Junker has given the church a life-saving gift. Examining theological and social science contributions, Junker astutely sets forth the basic elements of prophetic liturgy while illustrating what the prophetic life looks like in the ministries of Dom Helder Camara, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Oscar Romero. This is an outstanding contribution to what . . . I call ethical prophecy.”” –Rufus Burrow Jr., co-author of Daring to Speak in God’s Name “”In a work marked by a passion for justice and equality, and a compassionate engagement with human and ecological needs, Junker demonstrates an intrinsic connection between the power and beauty of sacrament, song, and preaching on the one hand, and the need for liberation, or world transformation on the other. It would be hard to think of a more encompassing treatment of the relevance of biblically shaped ritual (broadly speaking) to a world that is inevitably shaped by social and economic forces.”” –Frank Burch Brown, Christian Theological Seminary “”Tercio Junker’s Prophetic Liturgy is a liturgical theology for the 99 percent, showing us how Christian worship both envisions a transformed world and gives us the means by which to participate in that transformation. While wide-ranging in his approach, Junker remains true to his own Methodist heritage, demonstrating not only how Christian worship can lead Christian communities to social holiness but why it must do so.”” –E. Byron Anderson, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary “”In Prophetic Liturgy, Tercio Junker shows that liturgy, sacraments, and social witness are (or should be) inseparably related and grounded in the graciousness of God. Prophetic Liturgy attends to the wellbeing of every human, enabling Christians to speak and act effectively on behalf of justice in the world. This remarkable book never scolds or accuses, but envisions the joy of life in covenant with God, engaged in loving actions, and seeking God’s new heaven and earth.”” –Ruth Duck, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Tercio Bretanha Junker is Assistant Professor of Worship and Director of the Sweeney Chapel of Christian Theological Seminary at Indianapolis.


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