PROTX by Mission TPR Less Lethal Launcher Kit for Personal and Home Defense


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The Mission PROTX TPR less lethal personal defense semi-auto launcher is designed to deliver an incapacitating agent directly to a suspect or area by bursting on impact to create a 5-foot defensive cloud of chemical irritant for the ultimate protection for yourself, your loved ones, and your property. This enables even the least proficient users to target the ground or an area next to an attacker, while still effectively neutralizing the target. The OC Live rounds are the strongest less lethal irritant projectiles on the market, with more than 2.5x the strength than regular product and almost 4x stronger than the strongest pepper spray used. The temporary blinding, disorientation, and respiratory distress lasts up to 30 minutes, providing valuable protection without the risk of permanent injury or death. Kit also includes 7rd Mag, 7 OC Live Rounds, 7 Inert Practice Rounds, (2) 12gr CO2 cartridges, hard case and maintenance kit. Note: This is product is specifically designed for less lethal purposes and is not a toy.


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