Ravean Men’s Down Heated Jacket with 12V Battery Kit


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Mens Down Jacket with BatteryThe Ravean 12V C6 men’s heated down jacket system is comfortable in temperatures between -10F (-23C) to 55F (12C). Stop guessing what the weather will be like, and be prepared for any temperature with the Ravean 12V C6 heated down jackets.Materials: Shell: 100% Nylon with DWR finish, lining 100% Polyester 190T, Filling: 650 down 90% duck down, 10% feathers.Features:Heated Back & ChestHeated PocketsTemperature Controller ButtonMulti-zone Heat ControlUp To 4x Mobile Device ChargingDwr Coating (Water Resistant)Lightweight & PackableRemoveable & Adjustable HoodRDS Down Fill100% WashableHeat When & Where You Want It:Take control of the temperature of your coatBecause we know you hate guessing what the weather will be like, we made the men’s heated down jacket so you could control the internal temperature as the weather changes. For those windy, 45F degree (7C) afternoons, just wear the light down jacket without turning the heating system on. If it becomes a chilly, 35F (1C) Fall evening, simply put the jacket into Low mode to stay comfortable. If you are out on the slopes, and it is getting cold on those lifts (0-20F), turn your jacket to Medium. And for those super, cold sub-zero days, turn your jacket to High mode to stay warm at temperatures as low as -4F (-10C).Power Your Device On The Go:Running low on battery? Not only does your jacket keep you warm, but it can charge your devices when you need it.Multi-zone Heating Areas:The Ravean 12v C6 heated jacket system keeps you warm where you need it. The heating system is set to warm your back, chest, and pockets. We make it convenient for you to heat where you need it the most.High, Medium, And Low Temperature Control:No one likes having to predict what the temperature outside is going to be like. Even your weatherman is just taking an educated guess. That’s why we created a jacket designed to let you control your internal temperature no matter what’s going on externally. Say you’ve got a windy, 55xB0 day. Simply don your Ravean C6 jacket and leave its heat off. A 38xB0 fall evening? Set your jacket’s heat to low and go about your business in comfortable warmth. How about 15-20 degree conditions out on the slopes? Set your heat to medium and go carve some turns. And on those really cold days as low as -4xB0, set your jacket’s heat to high and laugh in old man winter’s icy face.Up To 4x Mobile Device Charging:On the days you need a little extra boost, our jackets can recharge your mobile devices up to 4X and will keep you connected all day.DWR-Water Resistant Material:Light, breathable, water resistant materialDWR (durable water repellent) is a coating added to fabrics at the factory to make them water-resistant (or hydrophobic). Durable water repellents are commonly used in conjunction with breathable fabrics to prevent the outer layer of fabric from becoming saturated with water. This saturation, called ‘wetting out,’ can reduce the garment’s breathability (moisture transport through the breathable membrane) and let water through.Lightweight & Packable:Our 150g jackets are lightweight, and packable. Making it the perfect jacket for travel, work, or play.Removable & Adjustable Hood:There’s a time and a place for a hood. But when you don’t need a hood, who wants a hood? That’s why we made the hoods on all of our men’s heated down jackets removable.Responsible Down Standard:The goal of the Responsible Down Standard is to ensure that the waterfowl in the down supply chain are treated humanely. Ravean is certified to the RDS by Control Union Certification Registration No. CU 8449


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