Realtree Men’s Long Sleeve Bonded Full Zip Jacket


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Hunting camo apparel just got a lot more real this season. Mossy Oak and Realtree Mens Long Sleeve Bonded Full Zip Jacket is the perfect outerwear, hunters jacket you need when its time to pack in the duck call and venture to the great outdoors. The photorealistic landscapes will help hide and conceal you throughout your hunting adventures. Various multi-functional pockets will give you the storage space you need to store electronics and hunting essentials. The bonded fleece polyester will keep you warm, ensuring strength and durability for many hunting seasons to come, while the poly-spandex fabric construction gives it that stretch that is necessary for performance wear. Best of all, its quiet, another vital element for a successful hunt. Featuring wicking properties, sweat and moisture are absorbed, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout wear. The mock neck warmer protects your neck from harsh winds and dropping temperatures. Mossy Oak and Realtree Mens Long Sleeve Bonded Full Zip Jacket is built for strength, durability and warmth, three key attributes in activewear, hunting, camouflage apparel. Also introducing Realtree Edge, the new camo print that conceals you even at short range. Note: Blaze Orange jacket adheres to hunter orange requirement in most U.S. states.


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