Relics of the Black Cat – eBook


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A mysterious old man holding a large black cat promise to change Daniels future; forever. Daniels optimism over his future is tested when he stumbles across a mugging in progress less than an hour after arriving in town. Scared and in an unfamiliar place Daniel ducks into the first open door he comes to. Instead of finding safety he is trapped in a pitch black room with something that seems to know its way around in the darkness. Terrified he bolts toward the only sliver of light he sees almost there Daniel stumbles and skids through the doorway where he comes to a stop at the feet of an old man holding and a large black cat calmly staring down at him. Daniel scrambles to come up with an explanation to explain why he was in the back of the shop. He can ill afford for the shop keeper to think he was there to break in and call the police. To his surprise instead of accusing him of wrong doing he is offered a job. After having a job and a mysterious black cat fall in his lap, he figures that maybe he has finally caught a much deserved break. But what is this mysterious curio shop that requires a lifetime commitment? Follow Daniel as he finds out that nothing is free and everything has a catch.


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