Roughing the Passer – eBook


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BREAKING THE PATTERNTwo years without a ring on your finger is enough to drive any girl crazy, especially Lavender Gerloch. She loves her bad-boy quarterback, but he only prizes one type of ringthe kind you get from winning the Super Bowl. So its time to say goodbye.Tyler Harris hasnt been hit so hard in years. Why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good relationship by making it official? But Lavenders flight seems to suggest just that, and even worse, his friends wives have huddled with her to run a game-winning play. Coming is the biggest showdown of his life, and therell be no refs calling unnecessary roughness. Hes down by four. Already hes drifted out of the pocket, Lavender is ducking and weaving, and therell be only one chance to beat the defense. It will all come down to threetwoone…


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