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Keyboardist Rob Whitlock has drawn from an array of musical styles including jazz, blues, and fusion to create Sketchin 2, an album that boasts a stellar supporting cast. The artists own independent record label, Sketchin Records, will release the CD on April 18th, the second disc spawned from a series of recording sessions that took place over a two-year span from coast-to-coast with Michael Brecker, Vinnie Colaiuta, Anthony Jackson, Scott Henderson, Othello Molineaux, Cliff Almond and Pat Kelley, amongst others. Whitlock composed or collaborated on four new songs while producing and arranging the entire album. quot;The Colours Of Lifequot; (instrumental reprise), a beautiful, sensitive piano and sax duet between Whitlock and Brecker, will be serviced to smooth jazz radio stations next month. Whitlock likes to merge his music with art. Sketchin 2s artwork is by Julius Pastorious, which is comprised of a series of intricate sketches of the musicians captured in the recording studio. The concept was for the artwork to tell a story of the music and the musicians involved as album artwork used to back in the days before music videos. However, to please the video inclined, the disc is an enhanced CD that contains illustrations and still photos from the recording sessions set to music in a video format. Pastorious is the son of the late legendary bassist Jaco Pastorious. Jaco was a student of Bob Whitlock, Robs father who makes an appearance playing guitar on the CD. The circle of life continued as Jaco went on to have a great influence on Robs musical career. Sketchin was released last year. The new disc is a bit edgier and has a quot;retro jazzquot; feel. Musically, Whitlock challenges listeners by presenting compositions culled from traditional and contemporary jazz, blues, and fusion. Sometimes his keyboard artistry leads and other times he takes a back seat to allow a sax, a guitar or a vocalist to pilot the track. On the album, he plays piano, keyboards and Hammond B-3 organ, the latter of which hes best known for. The production is warm and organic because Whitlock feels that that performing these songs live is what its all about. quot;We were really careful not to overproduce (the tracks),quot; he explained. quot;While the music is diverse, I tried to make sure that it was accessible and palatable for the average listener. This collection of music is a labor of love: love of music, of fellow musicians and their gifts, and for the music enthusiast whom I hope will enjoy this album.quot; The disc opens with the aptly titled quot;2nd Service,quot; which sets the stage for the diverse music mix to follow. Robs wife, Amber Whitlock, contributes a stunning rendition of quot;Them There Eyes,quot; originally made famous by Billie Holiday. Henderson lets his guitar rip with abandon on the bluesy quot;Gotta Insulator.quot; quot;Cold Duck Timequot; is a jazzy blues number. The fusion scorches on the rollicking and frenetic quot;At Freedom Chicken Dance.quot; Dramatically the tempo slows with a heartfelt version of Rodgers & Hammersteins quot;Do I Love You,quot; which Rob dedicates to his wife. The album closes with quot;The Colours Of Lifequot; (instrumental reprise). Born in West Virginia, Whitlock grew up in South Florida, lived in Washington, DC and now calls San Diego home. He believes that having lived on both coasts has helped color his music. Whitlock is in demand as a musician, producer, arranger and a composer. Over the years, he has recorded and performed with artists that span from pop to jazz, including J


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